Digital nomad camp : Golden circle

The project

The digital nomad is always free to work from wherever he wants, using telecommunication technologies while enjoying the thrill of travelling all around the world. It allows to live a great experience both on a personal and a professional point of view.

Why ?

We strongly believe that we all feel the need to connect, to absorb different cultures and learn from each other’s backgrounds.

To us the process of “human contamination” is the shortest way for people to bound with each other while setting aside their differences and enriching each other.

In a time where spending our entire lives at the same job seem impossible or really depressing, we think that staying at the same place all our live would also be missing opportunities.

How ?

Imagine what it would be like to be able to immerse yourself in 360 degrees experience where you have the opportunity to allow all your senses to be contaminated.

Imagine being able every few months to wake up with a new view, new perfumes filling your nostrils, discovering off the beaten tracks, hiking new paths , filling your ears with titillating sound of a different language or learning to cook one of your favorite dishes.

Imagine doing that every day and imagine being able to start all over again with a new adventure every few weeks or months.

What ?

We intend to offer a full package to digital nomads like coaches, bloggers, social media marketing professionals and so on.

Get to the city of your choice where a home would be awaiting for you. You will find a full menu of experiences to help you discover this new location and enjoy this new life.

You will connect with people of like minded individuals that differs from your point of view. You will avail of mentoring which will help you grow personally as well as professionally. You will have the opportunity to learn new things about yourself and about the world.

The man behind the idea

Piero tuzzo is a sicilian entrepreneur and an International Coaching Federation certified coach. Splitting his time between Munich, Sicily and Russia, his dream is to help to create a better connected world and this project is one of the step in his vision for the future.

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